Who are the Guardian Angels?

By Saj Sri-Kumar

The Guardian Angels is a non-profit public safety organization whose mission is to reduce crime.

The organization responded to the afterparty, where they called paramedics and detained one person who was vandalizing a car.

Founded in 1979 by Curtis Silwa, it was designed to make the streets and the subway platforms of New York City safer. Two years later, the organization opened a chapter in Los Angeles. The organization operates in 100 cities in 13 countries.

The Los Angeles chapter patrols five areas in the greater Los Angeles area: Venice, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Highland Park.

The Los Angeles chapter’s public relations manager, Jeremy Meyer, said that the organization works alongside law enforcement to improve public safety. In Hollywood, he said that the organization works with a range of problems.

“If it’s drunk people [or] if it’s people fighting, it doesn’t really matter. Our goal is to make sure that people have a good night in Hollywood,” Meyer said.

Nationally, the organization has suffered some setbacks over their three decades in existence.

Some mayors in cities that have a chapter have publicly opposed the group. In 1992, Silwa admitted that the organization faked several rescues on subway platforms in New York City for publicity.