Jazz Explorers perform at 24th Street Theater

By Mariel Brunman and Keane Robertson

The Jazz Explorers headlined a benefit for the 24th Street Theater’s “After ‘Cool’” program Sunday, March 20 at 4:30 p.m.

The 24th Street Theater is a professional theater that brings music, theater, dance and visual arts to the community and promotes arts education. The “After ‘Cool’ ” program is an after-school enrichment curriculum for local students and at risk youth; the goal is to allow the students to express themselves artistically and provide a well-balanced education with an array of perspectives.

The Jazz Explorers performed pieces from their repertoire. Members Jordan Bryan ’11, Hank Adelman ’11, Maguire Parsons ’11 Alex Scharch ’11 and Jake Chapman ’12 prepared for the performance by working with Jazz Director Shawn Costantino.

“I enjoyed playing at this benefit because we used something that we love to do to raise money for a spectacular program. I definitely feel that our playing was as much of a celebration as a performance.” Chapman said.