LAFD to offer crisis training for students

By Rachel Schwartz

Students will have a chance to learn search and rescue, triage, disaster readiness and emergency planning skills that could help them in emergency situations at Community Emergency Response Team training sessions offered by the Los Angeles Fire Department next week at the Upper School.

“The Fire Department admits that if we have an earthquake similar to the recent Japan quake, we will be on our own,” Head of Security Jim Crawford said.

In case of a monumental quake the school would not be able to rely on emergency services provided by the city.

Both Japan and California are said to be in the “Pacific Ring of Fire” on more than one tectonic plate, making them earthquake prone.

The San Andreas Fault, where the Pacific and North American plates meet, runs down California, meaning that if and when these plates move, Los Angeles will be greatly affected, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

A huge earthquake has been expected to occur along the San Andreas Fault for years.

According to the American Red Cross, preparing for an earthquake can make a significant change in the outcome of an emergency.

Becoming aware of the safest areas of a building and its exits are important skills that are recommended by Red Cross and will be covered in CERT training.

In this seminar, experts will teach students how to react in a crisis situation so as to help ourselves as well as others, regardless of whether external aid is available.

CERT training will be held every year and though attendance is not required, it is encouraged by the administration.

The seminars, given by the Security Team, are open to all staff, faculty, coaches and students who wish to attend. Training will run from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 28 and 29. Lunch will be provided both days.