Only 2 of 22 varsity teams place in academic championship top 7

By Alex Leichenger

Wrestling and boys’ soccer both finished third for their respective sports in the CIF Southern Section’s 26th Annual academic team championships, but no other varsity team cracked the top seven in school rankings.

The academic rankings are based on the teams’ average unweighted, 4.0-scale GPA. Wrestling, which won the academic team championship last year, had the third best average GPA of seven eligible school wrestling teams in the 1500 or less enrollment category, with a 3.385. Boys’ soccer was ranked third out of 39 schools in its category of 1500 or less enrollment, with a 3.626 average GPA.

Eight of 22 eligible Harvard-Westlake teams finished in the top 10 of their divisions, while seven finished outside the top 20.

The Southern Section does not give out academic awards for field hockey or lacrosse because less than 20% of schools with CIF membership field these teams at the varsity level.

First-place academic champions are honored May 9 at Angel Stadium.