Spring jazz concert to cover ‘all the greats’

By Jessica Barzilay

The three large jazz ensembles will perform covers of “all the greats” in Rugby Auditorium April 29 at the spring jazz concert, jazz director Shawn Costantino said. Jazz band, studio jazz band and jazz ensemble will also play a number of modern pop and rock tunes at the show, the culmination of their work this semester.

“I am excited to show how far the band’s come from the beginning of the year,” said Royce Ryu ’12, lead trumpet player in jazz band.

 Although professional musicians and specialists play a smaller role in training these classes than in the case of the jazz combos, occasionally a trombone and a trumpet instructor visit to help the students’ skills develop. As a consequence of the large size of each of the three groups performing, Costantino is responsible for selecting the entire set list, rather than allowing the students to choose their music.

 “The pieces that he picked are challenging and really fun to play, so that will be another thing to look forward to,” Ryu said. 

Musicians from the jazz band, studio jazz band and jazz ensemble will add their own spin to the works of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Thad Jones and Mel Louis, covering a range of songs from the class and modern multi-piece band library.

As the end of the year approaches, the jazz is also in the process of preparing for the graduation of its seniors and the influx of rising sophomores. Costantino held auditions April 13, 14 and 15 for next year’s combos and ensembles.

“Each year we lose a lot of amazing students but it is the nature of the school for that to happen. We just expect the up-and-coming students to maintain the high standards that their predecessors set,” Costantino said.

Costantino hopes the school community will take advantage of the year’s last opportunity to attend an on-campus jazz production.

“I think the whole school should be at the spring jazz concert because it is going to be awesome,” Costantino said.