Chan to teach at Kingenstein Program for young educators

By Sanjana Kucheria

Middle school history teacher Stephen Chan is one of 75 teachers from around the world selected for the Klingenstein Program, where he will help beginning teachers explore teaching styles, educational philosophies, educational issues and personal development.

The Klingenstein Summer Institute is geared toward teachers who are in their second to fifth years of teaching. The teachers are drawn from independent schools across the country with a few from overseas.

The program, held in Lawrenceville, N.J., is designed to make teachers more effective leaders in their classrooms and schools. Through seminars, workshops and exercises, participants are guided by education experts and master teachers.

The Klingenstein Summer Institute lasts two weeks in late June and early July.

At the program, Chan will work with other teachers and a set of “lead teachers” in different disciplines. Chan will be working as a “lead teacher” for history. As a lead teacher, he will have different responsibilities such as working with other history teachers at the program and leading discussion groups and curriculum group sessions.

Chan’s focus will be on curriculum development, means of assessment and teaching methodology.

“I am looking forward to meeting with teachers from a variety of independent schools,” Chan said. “It’s really discussing ideas and sharing techniques that I am looking forward to.”