Senior soloists to sing farewell

By Jessica Barzilay

About 30 seniors in the upper school choral department will perform solos in the optional Senior Solo Night on May 31. The concert, featuring songs of each individual’s choice, allows seniors one last chance to showcase their talents.

Most of the singers, enrolled in Chamber Singers, Jazz Singers, Bel Canto or Wolverine Chorus, have been preparing throughout the year.

Katrina Okano ’11 has been training with her personal voice coach to perform Katherine McPhee’s “Terrified.”

Kelsey Woo ’11 has also been anticipating this night since 10th grade.

“It’s definitely been on my mind all year and ever since I started choir at the Upper School,” she said.

For her performance, Woo will sing “Someone Like You,” the same song she performed in the ninth grade solo concert. She will also harmonize in a quartet, “Like Breathing,” with Beanie Feldstein ’11, Ben Platt ’11 and Max Sheldon ’11, all of whom have journeyed through the upper school choral program together.

“I think it’ll be really special to hear people who don’t usually sing by themselves. It’ll also be really sentimental since we all love each other so much and it’s our last time singing together,” Woo said.