Huybrechts calls pledge ‘a keeper’

By Daniel Rothberg


No misbehavior at the May 14 senior prom has been reported to the school, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said last week. Prom-goers were required to sign a pledge of good behavior prior to purchasing a ticket for the event. The pledge was created after faculty concern about misconduct at a non-school sponsored semiformal afterparty in February put the prom in jeopardy.

“I’m so pleased that the prom was a success, that students had a great time, behaved responsibly and had a lot of fun,” Huybrechts said. “I’m really happy that the class of 2011 staged a successful prom.”

The pledge stipulated that students receive a minimum of a one-day suspension if they were found to be intoxicated at prom, occupied a room at the Renaissance Hotel during prom weekend, planned or attended an afterparty at a non-residential venue or if alcohol or drugs were found in their limo.

“A few limos [worth of students] might have gotten together to individually do something, but there was no giant afterparty like there has been in the past,” Head Prefect Melanie Borinstein ’11 said. “I think that because the pledge had such specific punishments laid out…people realized that it would be taken seriously if they did do something wrong.”

“I think the pledge is a keeper,” Huybrechts said. “From speaking with students and their parents, I think a lot of them were gratified to know what the limits were. They knew what they could do to have fun without breaking the rules.”