Gay-Straight Alliance hosts Pride Day

By Allison Hamburger

The quad was covered with messages in chalk about love and gay rights on May 27, an element of the Gay-Straight Alliance’s Pride Day. The club also hosted a scavenger hunt around campus and provided face paint in the quad.

Chalk messages, including “Love is Love” and “Born this way,” were scrawled on the ground among other positive notes and drawings.
Face paint designs ranged from hearts to the words “NO H8,” a slogan in opposition to Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California. Some students also dressed up in bright colors for Pride Day.
The scavenger hunt took place all day around school. Participants picked up a paper outlining the clues and submitted it any time before 6 p.m. The currently undetermined winner will receive a meal from Chipotle next week.
Treasurer of GSA Jarred Green ’11, who organized the scavenger hunt, said that he was happy with the event.
“Not only did people participate, but they were excited, too,” Green said.
Co-president of GSA Gabe Benjamin ’11 and Green were pleased that there was no anti-gay behavior in response to the activities.
“I think it was a huge success because we got a lot of people to participate,” Benjamin said. “A lot of people got into it.”