Chapter 9

By Catherine Wang

Jacqueline Sir

Zoe* the Artist

Intended Major: Film and Television

Regrets? I honestly don’t. I’m glad everything turned out the way it did.

Advice for artists: Don’t start last minute – especially if you’re doing an art portfolio. Because you have an application and an extra task. People told me to get started on my creative resume earlier and get started on. I got started early and it wasn’t that stressful for me.

Advice for film kids: Start working on a project that you love and are passionate about, because it will show. The colleges see hundreds and hundreds of films, so let them see something that shows you as a person and a film-maker.

Most excited to: Focus on what I’m passionate about. It’s great taking Video Art classes here, but at NYU I will be able to put all of my creative effort into film. It’s going to be super fun to learn about something I’m truly passionate about. I’m excited to be around people like me – people that like music and like film.

Beanie Feldstein/Madison* the Performer

Intended Major: Double major in Theatre and Psychology

Most excited to: Live on the East Coast.

Best advice given: Stick up for what you want in your decisions. For me, I had to stand up to my parents, but for other people it could be their deans or friends too)

Biggest regret: Not touching my regular applications until I had to.

Advice for underclassmen: Calm down because everything works out in the end and everything happens for a reason.

Jeffrey Sperling/Carter* the Brain

Intended major: Math or physics

Best Advice: Start and try hard to finish all of your college applications over the summer. Not only do you overestimate how much free time you have during the fall – you still have a workload comparable to junior year — but you underestimate how much time it takes to revise your application essays.

Most excited to: Test my mettle at MIT by taking all of the hardest classes there. Of course, I’m always excited to meet new people, people who are interesting and unique, yet who are like-minded in their passion for math and science. But most importantly, I like to keep an open mind about what to expect next year, since I realize that my most memorable experiences may be in situations I least expect them.

Biggest regret: Not finishing my Common App over the summer.

Mileva Popovic/Alexis* the Athlete

Intended Major: Kinesiology

Best Advice: Don’t feel pressured because other people are making decisions – it is better to wait and everything will fall in place

Did the college process turn out the way you expected?

This is what I always wanted. This was my goal.

Most excited to: Start over in a new group. I’m really excited for the volleyball part too

Advice for athletes: Be proactive when emailing coaches. Don’t wait for a coach to email you.

I wish I could have found out sooner – I mean I got what I wanted

Raphael Osorio/Aiden* the All-Around

Intended major: Undecided

Advice for underclassmen: If you don’t want to be disappointed, really keep your mind open. Don’t put all of your attention on one competitive school. I liked the way I approached the college process – I never focused on one school completely. I kept my options open, which prevented me from feeling distraught by any admissions decision.

Best advice given: It doesn’t matter where you go to colleges. I heard that a lot from my teachers. They emphasized that your work ethic and motivation are more important.

Most excited to: Meet people and live in the city of Boston

Did the college process turn out the way you expected?

Not really. I kind of figured in ninth grade I wanted to go to Harvard and apply to every Ivy League. As I progressed through, reality hit me and even though those are great schools, I don’t have to go there. My mindset changed – I was no longer shallow and only wanted to go to the most competitive school ever.