Seniors choose two Scene Monkeys salutatorian

By Daniel Rothberg

Nick Lieberman ’11 and
Jack Usher ’11, made use of their experience as members of Scene Monkeys, the upper school
improvisational troupe, to put on a song-and-dance routine at commencement exercises June 10.

The senior class voted for the pair to share the salutatory address, marking the first time in school history that two students have given the speech. Lieberman and Usher literally danced on, dialogued a comedy routine about teamwork, suspended the ban on use of cellphones to urge parents to text congratulations to their graduates, and members of the Class of 2011 to text their love and thanks to parents and relatives in the audience. They ended with a rap routine.

“By the nature of it
being two of us, we are going to create something unique in the annals
of salutatorian history,” Lieberman said after it was announced he and Usher had been chosen.
Seniors voted for the
salutatorian by writing in the name of the classmate who they believed
would deliver the best salutatory address, typically a humorous speech.