Harry is in our hearts

By Arielle Maxner

Harry Potter is over. Or so everyone thinks.

When I hear that this summer’s Harry Potter film marks the end of an era, I feel baffled and frustrated by the fact that people don’t understand how much Harry Potter means to me and many other fans I know, and how that makes Harry Potter immortal in more ways than his survival of the killing curse…too many times to count.

I went to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” twice, once at the Harvard-Westlake screening and once at the midnight premiere. I dressed up both times with friends who did the same. Now my cloak, my Gryffindor tie and plastic wand lay somewhere in my closet, sadly never to be worn to a Harry Potter premiere again.

Even though the story of the “Golden Trio” (Harry, Ron and Hermione) is successfully concluded, there are still worlds to explore in the Harry Potter universe. Much is left unsaid of the wizarding world’s history, or of its future with the next generation of Potters, Weasleys, Malfoys and other magical names the Sorting Hat has sung out. The gaps are filled by our own imaginations or those of fanfiction writers. It is for love of Harry Potter that millions of fans eagerly joined the website “Pottermore,” J. K. Rowling’s latest extenuation of the books, before its official public release.

Having grown up with Harry Potter and seen his ups and downs, I feel a connection to the series that cannot be broken, no matter how old it becomes. I never tire of rereading the novels, for each time the adventure shows me something slightly different, a fresh perspective as my new experiences give me more insight into Harry’s problems.

Harry Potter will live on. He and his friends have become so embedded into our popular culture that the thought of his dying just encourages fans to keep him alive. Loving Harry Potter has become a part of who I am, and to take him out would leave a gaping hole. If enough people make an effort and show their love for something, no matter what, it will never die. Lily Potter proved that. So find something you want to keep alive, and hold on to it. I, for one, will never let Harry Potter go.