Senior gets record distribution deal with top electronic label Plasmapool

By David Lim

When a friend dragged him to the Monster Massive in 2008, Wiley Webb ’12 had no idea what to expect for his first experience at a loud and exciting electronic music festival.

“I was greeted by around 50,000 people, glow sticks everywhere, amiable girls in bikinis and, of course, this alien music powering the whole thing,” Webb said. “It’s quite a breathtaking scene to step into for the first time, and I suggest that everyone should experience that sometime.”

Webb fell in love with the genre so much that he started making his own tracks in his eighth grade Electronic Music Class.

He the furthered his craft with the help of Brian Matrix, a professional music producer at production college in Burbank, who taught him how to make his tracks more “fat and professional.”

In August, Webb was signed to electronic music label Plasmapool and will release his next tracks through the label in a three year distribution deal.

“I was planning to release my latest track on a professional friend’s small label and sent emails just for laughs to four of what I consider the best and biggest labels in dance music,” Webb said.

“[Plasmapool] quickly jumped on the track, and freaked me out by vacationing and not responding to emails for two weeks,” he said.

Webb finalized the deal with the Germany-based label Aug. 15. He will keep 50 percent of the revenue from sales, but Plasmapool will have exclusive distribution rights to his music for six months.

Although he already has multiple tracks on iTunes and the music sharing service Soundcloud, Webb hopes that the Plasmapool deal will expand his online presence and eventually land him some local DJ-ing gigs.

“I go in between the beautiful and the bangin’, generally between Progressive house and Electro, BT, Deadmau5 and lastly, Massive Attack are huge influences,” Webb said.