Bookstore associate performs in play

By Allison Hamburger

Bookstore associate Allie Costa is acting in a modern stage adaptation of fairy tales every weekend until Oct. 9.

Costa plays the Match Girl in the play “What the Moon Saw, or ‘I Only Appear to Be Dead,’” which is based on five Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales in the post-9/11 United States. Costa’s role is adapted from the story “The Little Match Girl,” but, contrary to Andersen’s version, the setting is Ground Zero.

“Her part in the play is really intense and really emotional because it’s about the people she meets and how they affect her,” Costa said. Costa also plays a mermaid’s sister during the “The Little Mermaid” adaptation.

The performances are at the Son of Semele Theater in Hollywood. The play, written by Stephanie Fleishmann and directed by Matthew McCray, opened Sept. 9.

“We opened really well, I feel,” Costa said. “I hope we have a successful run.”

Tickets are available at the door or online at