Head Fanatics lead 2011 Fanatic Fest

By Michael Rothberg

The Head Fanatics Wade Clement ’12, Kristen Lee ’12, Judd Liebman ’12, Alex Rand-Lewis ’12 and Jake Shapiro ’12 led Fanatic Fest during break today.

The show, encouraging students to attend Homecoming on Saturday, Oct. 1, featured a performance from the newly created school drumline, a dunk contest and a jousting contest.

Zena Edosomwam ’12 won the dunk contest after successfully dunking over David Winfield ’13. Josh Hearlihy ’12, Francise Hyde ’13 and Derek Newton ’14 also competed in the contest.

The jousting contest matched up siblings Peter Tilton ’14 and Lucy Tilton ’12, Wade Clement ’12 and Sam Clement ’14. varsity baseball players Max Freid ’12 and Lucas Giolito ’12, varsity water polo players and step-brothers Brian Graziano ’12 and Bradley Schine ’12 and Michael Sugerman ’13 and Chief Financial Officer Rob Levine also faced off. The winner of each match pied the loser in the face.

The Fanatics also introduced the fall sports team captains.