Professional playwright holds workshop for writers

By Chloe Lister

Professional playwright John Walch, nephew of Performing Arts teacher Ted Walch, had students stare at a pen and call out words beginning with each letter of the alphabet in order in a play writing workshop he taught Oct. 6 for students considering writing one-acts for the Playwrights Festival.

There was just one catch to this game: no two students could say a word at the same time, or they would have to start over at A.

The exercise was meant to show students that doing the same thing over and over again eventually gets boring, and that they should therefore try to “mix it up” when writing their plays, Walch said. He also answered questions and did writing exercises with the students.

Walch also led workshops on Oct. 3 and Oct. 8.

Unlike years past, these workshops are mandatory for all students interested in writing plays this year instead of only for first year playwrights.

Walch lives in New York City, but is currently staying in Los Angeles for the opening of his play, “The Dinosaur Within,” at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center.