Jazz Explorers play for non-profit organization at Hollywood Bowl

By Jamie Chang

The Jazz Explorers performed at the Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 12 at a charity event for the nonprofit organization People for Parks.

The Explorers were sought out by a parent of a Harvard-Westlake alumna who works for People for Parks, a non-profit organization that strives to grow and protect parks throughout Los Angeles, especially those in underserved neighborhoods.

“It was cool to be on the stage of the Bowl and see the words ‘Harvard-Westlake Jazz Explorers’ next to the dressing room door,” Jake Chapman ’12 said.

Bradley Ho ’12 said that “There were not as many people as I thought but overall I was satisfied with our performance and how the gig went.” The ensemble performed for an hour and played multiple songs including “Nardis” by Miles Davis and “Hurricane,” a song Chapman composed.

“We usually like to choose our songs in the moment because the spontaneity increases our improvisational potential, and makes music more enjoyable and original,” Daniel Sunshine ’13 said.

To prepare for the event at the Hollywood Bowl, the Jazz Explorers held extra practices over the summer and after school rehearsals according to Ho. They also practice during their free periods at school and to make sure that they are ready.

Although this was not their first performance of the year, the Jazz Explorers were “excited to be playing on a stage that has featured such a broad spectrum of musical acts, not to mention a plethora of world-class performers,” Chapman said.