Student releases electronic single

By Jack Goldfisher

Musician Wiley Webb ’12 released his first single through German electronic music label Plasmapool earlier this month.

The song, “Bittersweet Anthem,” was released for download on Beatport and Soundcloud on Oct. 10, Webb’s birthday. Soundcloud describes the new single as “a powerful and emotionally evocative anthem influenced by stadium-friendly electro and progressive house.”

Webb first signed with the record label in August. He sent them a song he had recorded and they “quickly jumped on the track.”

Webb will keep 50 percent of the revenue from sales, but Plasmapool will have exclusive distribution rights to his music for six months. After this six month period, Webb has a semi-exclusive contract with the label.

Webb says there is a high chance they will later offer him a fully exclusive contract, which would likely come with,”Tons of promotion, booking agents and touring with bigger artists.”