Videos memorializing 2020 shared during Community Flex Time

Lucas Cohen-D'Arbeloff

Students and faculty presented videos commemorating the end of 2020 during the school’s Community Flex Time on Dec. 15.

Reverend Anne Gardner began the webinar by expressing gratitude toward those who have participated in previous Flex Time activities.

“I really appreciate having this time together as a community because it gives me a chance to hear about what people are doing, to appreciate the immense talent that is here on this campus and to benefit from the wisdom of outside speakers,” Gardner said.

Chamber Singers perform for their peers

Performing arts teacher Zanaida Robles then introduced the Chamber Singers’ rendition of “Der Gang Zum Liebchen” by Johannes Brahms, and Emery Genga ’21 presented a trailer for the upcoming HW Project, a multimedia time capsule reflecting on students’ lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In September, we all began creating our own original works in response to all of the unique events of this year,” Genga said. “Everyone involved has worked so incredibly hard to bring life to this project, and I’m so proud to have been a part of it.”

Visual arts students share their work

Kyle Reims ’21 and Juliet Colitre ’21 introduced a preview of Video Art III students’ virtual exhibition, and Cameron Herring ’21 played a video entitled “Reflections on 2020,” in which members of the school community described their experiences during more than nine months of quarantine.

President Rick Commons concluded the meeting by asking students to take care of their physical health during winter break.

I want to wish your families all the best this holiday season,” Commons said. “Whether you’re lifting kettlebells, dancing to your TikTok feed or grooving to your Spotify playlist, remember to stay active. Happy holidays to all.”