FAC reviews Kutler class proposals

By Lara Sokoloff

Five new courses for the Kutler Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Independent Research were proposed to the Faculty Academic Committee at a meeting yesterday afternoon.

Interdisciplinary Studies and Independent Research Department Head Larry Klein began soliciting course proposals in the spring of 2011. A request for proposals was sent to the entire faculty outlining the criteria for new proposals.

The request said proposals were to include the title, duration and ideal enrollment size for the course, manner of teaching and of staffing the course, either one teacher or team-taught, and the way of assessing the course. The subject matter and goals of the course were also to be explained in detail in the proposal.

“We were thrilled with the caliber of proposals we received,” Klein said.

Proposals were evaluated on the degree to which the course was interdisciplinary in nature and to which the subject matter is not already a part of the current curriculum, and the amount of original research the course requires. The potential student interest in the course and logistical requirements in implementing the course were also considered when assessing the course proposals, Klein said in his request for proposals.

“It’s going to be an opportunity for teachers as well as students to explore areas we have yet to address through our present curriculum,” Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra said.

Klein said he hoped that FAC would approve all the courses, but the decision was unavailable as of press time.

Math Department Head Paula Evans and Foreign Language Department Head Paul Chenier also proposed changes to current classes in their own departments at the FAC meeting.