Seniors design self portraits in ‘Eye to I’

By Justine Goode

Sandpaper and mirror shards are among the materials used in the artwork featured in the Senior Art Show, “Eye to I,” now on display in the Feldman-Horn Gallery. The official opening reception is postponed until next Monday because of the memorial service on Nov. 14 for Chris Robinson.

The show features self-portraits of the students in AP Studio Art: Drawing, Drawing and Painting III and Photography III, the only time the three classes will exhibit work together until of the end-of-the-year show. The theme of the show was meant to reflect how seniors visualize themselves at this important point in their lives. The objective of the self-portraits was to capture how each senior was feeling.

Cathy Mayer ’12 used gouache, a material like watercolor but thicker, to illustrate a specific scene from her life.

“[I painted] the moment I accidentally hit the side of a bus this summer, reflected in the rearview mirror of my car,” Mayer said. “I guess metaphorically the bus represents all the stress building up over colleges and the future and whatnot. My expression shows that I’m pretty terrified. The whole thing looks kind of comical though, I guess to show that I’m still taking it all with a sense of humor.”

Reyna Calderon ’12 took a lot of liberty in bringing to life the assignment she received in class. Assigned to portray Queen Elizabeth, Calderon invented a character, Queen Elizabeth of Los Angeles.

“I decided to change the assignment a little bit and make it more urban,” Calderon said.

The British inspiration is represented by the Union Jack, wig and ruffled collar. She represents city life by wearing a gas mask and wielding a spray can, as well as choosing a blonde wig and making her collar out of Folgiers coffee filters.

In contrast, Emma Gerber ’12 followed very closely the assignment that visual arts teacher Kevin O’Malley gave to her. He told her to be the Statue of Liberty duct taped to dynamite, holding the Declaration of Independence.

“I am really quite pleased with the results,” O’Malley said. “Not only do my own students get to see their own work up on the walls, but they get to see what [art teacher Marianne] Hall’s students are creating as well. It is something of a heady mix.” 

—Additional reporting

by Jessica Barzilay