‘An Evening of Jazz’ features jazz classics, Radiohead covers

By David Lim

“Call the concert Radio-jazz-head,” Studio Jazz Band pianist Nick Healy ’13 said of the Radiohead-infused Winter Jazz Concert. Two ensembles played covers of Radiohead songs “Paranoid Android” and “High and Dry” as their final numbers Saturday night at 7 p.m. in Rugby Auditorium.   

All four groups in the jazz program took to the stage for “An Evening of Jazz” to perform jazz classics such as “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “Sunny Side” and “The Blues Walk” in addition to the more unconventional jazz arrangements.

Rimvydas Paulikas, nicknamed “Rim,” conducted the ensembles in the absence of Jazz Director Shawn Constantino’s, who has been out of school since mid-October. Paulikas, a saxophonist who knew Constantino in graduate school, will direct the jazz program until Constantino’s return.

“He was thrown into a really tough situation with no experience teaching us,” Sam Lyons ’13 said. “He really took it up and we played a great concert thanks a lot to his guidance.”

Paulikas gave thanks to various faculty including Constantino who was a “great support to make this event very flawless.” Constantino picked the majority of the pieces in the concert before his departure, including the Radiohead covers, which echo last year’s winter concert that featured Michael Jackson covers.

“I love [Radiohead]’s music,” Paulikas said. “Even though it was very challenging music, the kids learned it faster than the other pieces because they knew it and liked it.”

Paulikas said he admired the work ethic of his students in practices before the concert.

“It’s been a great journey,” Paulikas said. “[The kids] have been so good. They’re always on time, sometimes with a sandwich in the mouth.”

Another highlight of the concert was the Jazz Explorers’ performance of “Weak” by Gretchen Parlato, which included vocals from Bella Hicks ’12. Noah Weinman ’12 on trumpet and Bradley Ho ’12 on alto saxophone stood by her before the crowd, which applauded repeatedly after their solos.

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