Coldwater down to single lane

By Eli Haims

Coldwater Canyon Avenue in front of the upper school campus is still reduced to a single lane during school days, nearly eight weeks after predictions that this stage of construction would lasgt only four weeks.  Head of Campus Operations and Construction JD De Matte said in December it will most likely take longer.

During this period, a flagman will direct traffic. Outside of the construction hours, lanes in both directions will be open, the LADWP official said.

De Matte said LADWP initially scheduled this stage to begin a couple of weeks ago, but he negotiated for them to start when Harvard-Westlake was out for winter break.

The goal of the project is to replace a nearly 100-year-old trunk line.

“Once the pipe in front of [Harvard-Westlake’s] north driveway is backfilled and paved, the LADWP crew will concentrate effort to construct the pipeline at the north end of the work zone near Dickens Street,” LADWP construction engineering supervisor Todd P. Le wrote to the Sherman Oaks Patch in September. This zone is due to be completed in February 2012. Construction will then move to around the school’s southern driveway.

Last June, Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra told the Chronicle that delays would most likely be 15 to 20 minutes. The Harvard-Westlake website warned drivers of additional delays.