SAAC announces dodgeball tournament

By Charlton Azuoma

The Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) announced that there will be a dodgeball tournament this year at the Upper School.

Although there has been a dodgeball tournament at the Middle School every year for the past six years, the event hasn’t been replicated at the Upper School until now.

“Everybody loved the dodgeball tournament at the middle school, and we saw a tournament as a great opportunity to come together as a community for some friendly competition,” SAAC representative Matthew Wolfen ’12 said.

SAAC worked with the Prefect Council to coordinate the tournament as well as make the rules.

There will be 16 teams allowed and each captain must have emailed their team name and their 7 players to [email protected] by 6:00 pm today. Unlike at the Middle School, teams will not be required to have a faculty member on their team however must have at least 2 players be of each gender on their roster.

Games will commence the first Monday break that students return from Semester Break and will continue for the next four breaks.