Tell us more about what’s going on

We can see why “The Laramie Project” nearly sold out on Friday and Saturday night. It’s a shocking story sprinkled with humor and acted with sincerity and candor. Last week the cast performed scenes at class meeting, giving us a peek at their show that made us want more. So students came to Rugby Auditorium this weekend, and the show was a success on all accounts.

But “Laramie” wasn’t the only happening on campus last week. The closing show for the Life Drawing class was on Jan. 30, the day of senior class meeting, yet there was no mention of this. Our deans could have had us sign out of class meeting in the Feldman-Horn Gallery.

 Sure, some students would find their deans and then sprint back to the familiar Quad, but once up there, plenty of students would stay. First of all, it’s really good art. But more importantly, it’s our friends’ really good art.

 Generally the student body wants to support each other. We just need a slight push in the right direction. Show us a slideshow of photos from photography classes. Show off the Robotics Club’s robot in class meeting.

 Musicians and vocalists should perform in the Quad during break to promote upcoming concerts. Make the homepage of school computers to make it easy for students to keep up with school events.

We saw the posts in the Fanatics Facebook group about the Loyola game, and Friday we drove to Northridge, eager to see Josh Hearlihy ’12 back on the court and to make a “Z” with our hands when Zena Edosomwam ’12 scored.

Because if we know about these events, chances are a lot of us will attend. And that’s how school becomes a smaller place. It’s fun to know that the kid on the other side of your history class is the lead trombonist, or to see your lab partner score touchdowns. It’s connections like these that elevate a school from a place of learning to a community. Help us make this transformation.

We want to be aware, so keep us aware.