“Noticeably more” candidates to run for Prefect Council

By David Lim

Twelve sophomores and fourteen juniors submitted their candidate statements Wednesday to run for next year’s Prefect Council. Head Prefect Rishi Bagrodia ’12 said there were “noticeably more” candidates than have run in the past few years.

“It’s been pretty much the same seven or eight candidates [per grade] in recent years and the number of candidates has increased this year over the long term trend,” Bagrodia said. “Three or four years ago we never would have expected so many candidates.”

The Head Prefects expect to send out the individual statements by email on Friday. Candidates for Senior Prefect will speak at a junior class meeting next Monday and candidates for Junior Prefect will speak at a sophomores class meeting next Friday. 

Conor Cook ’13, who is currently in Spain with the School Year Abroad program, will have his speech pre-recorded and played back at the junior assembly. 

Voting closes for both elections the day after the speeches at 2:45 pm. The two boys and two girls who win each election will be announced shortly afterwards, if runoff elections are not necessary.

Senior Prefect Candidates 

 Justin Berman      Morgan Hallock
 Conor Cook   Maddie Lear
 Ben Gail   Mikaila Mitchell
 Luke Holthouse   Emily Plotkin
 Sam Lyons   Miranda Van Iderstine
 Jack Wildasin   Elle Wilson
 Sam Wolk      
 Henry Woody    

Junior Prefect Candidates

 Anser Abbas   Mazelle Etessami
 Jeremy Bradford   Angela Haney
 Varun Gadh   Sophia Lopez
 Oliver Goodman-Waters   Ashley Sacks
 Henry Hahn  
 Max Rothman  
 Josh Shapiro    
 Mane Williams