Boys’ medley relay team flirts with school record

By Michael Aronson

Less than one second separates the boys’ 200-meter medley team from a school record that has been in place for almost 20 years. The 200-meter medley relay team of backstroke swimmer Andy Liu ’14, breaststroke swimmer John Copses ’14, butterfly swimmer Eusene Lee ’12 and freestyle swimmer Max Quilici ’12 finished in 1:39.7 in a meet against Notre Dame on April 19. The time is less than a second off the 1:38.96 record set in 1994.

Lee expects the team to break the record by the end of the season because of how close the team has been to etching their names in the Wolverines’ record books.

“It would be nice to come back to school ten years later with our names in the record books,” Lee said. “If we break the record, it wouldn’t be broken for a long time.”

Other medley teams have also come close to the record, but none have come as close as this 200-meter medley team, Quilici said.

“We’ve been falling short by only a little bit at meets, but we’ve also been learning what order of swimmers in the relay has been working best for us, and working out the little things,” Quilici said. “Hopefully at league finals we’ll have worked out all those little things enough to get us to where we want to be. We want to be rested and in the best shape to break the record.”

Quilici also thinks that if the team broke the record, it would not be broken for a long time.

“The record hasn’t been broken for so long because it was such a great time,” Quilici said. “League [Finals] are coming up, so if there was a place to break the record, that would be it.”

Both the boys’ and girls’ varsity teams are 3-1 after losing to Loyola and Flintridge Sacred Heart and beating Notre Dame, Agoura and Alemany. Both will swim their final regular season meets Thursday before heading to League Prelims and League Finals. Lee and Quilici will swim their final meets at Harvard-Westlake on the same relay team in the upcoming weeks, which Quilici said is added motivation to break the 200-meter record.

“Having my name up there with my team mates would be an honor,” Quilici said. “I’ve been a part of the swim team all throughout my time at Harvard Westlake, so having it up there with the names of swimmers whom I looked up too as a freshman would be very cool. Hopefully it’ll inspire the kids on the team in the future to get up there.”