Campus construction on schedule, to conclude by late August

By Michael Sugerman

The two major construction  projects on the upper school campus are both on schedule to be completed by the end of summer, and the floor of the deep end of the new swimming pool will be finished by mid-May, Director of Campus Operations and Construction JD De Matté said May 16.

Workers began filling the bottom floor of the new swimming pool with 28 truckloads of concrete on Monday. A 15-truck pour will conclude the dump, marking what De Matté dubbed a “substantial milestone” in the construction process.

“On May 29, the actual pool is coming,” he said. “It’s on a boat right now going through the Panama Canal from Italy. A week or two later, the aluminum shell of the pool will be erected.”

Once the frame is in place, workers can finish the aquatic complex, building the deck, the pool house and bleachers. Assuming construction proceeds smoothly, the pool should be ready to open by Aug. 15.

For a gallery of Monday’s pool filling, click here.

Kutler Center

Construction workers have finished erecting the steel framing for the Kutler Center.

“The main structure is fully done,” De Matté said. “What that means now is we’re doing all of our dry wall, electrical, fire safety…everything that’s going in.”

In roughly the next four weeks, De Matté said, workers will plaster on the walls of the new addition, and the building will be ready for painting, furniture and artwork.

The building is set to open by the last week of August.

“We’re on schedule, which is actually a really good thing…because most of the time you’re behind,” De Matté said.

Coldwater Canyon 

Construction of water mains on Coldwater Canyon will continue to cause traffic disruption. Beginning earlier this week and continuing into March of next year, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power crews plan to “intermittently reduce Coldwater Canyon Avenue to one lane of traffic in an area just south of Ventura Boulevard,” according to an update on the school website.

Weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., flagmen will direct traffic along Coldwater between Halkirk Avenue and Avenida del Sol Drive. After this time each day, DWP workers will restore Coldwater to two lanes of traffic, the statement said.

Construction in front of the north entrance to the school has been completed, and DWP workmen are moving south, near the main entrance. The whole project is expected to take several years.