Former middle school football coach accepts new position

By Enya Huang

The Athletic Department named Scott Bello the new Middle School Sports Coordinator after seven years as an Administrative Assistant and Football Coach at the Middle School.

His dedication to the program spurred Terry Barnum and the other Athletic Directors to create the position for him.

“I’m going to be a set of eyes and ears for anything that arises [in the department],” Bello said. “I’m working with all of the middle school coaches, getting to know them and the kids and trying to make a smooth environment for all the parents and kids that work here.”

The idea for the position arose when the Athletic Department decided that the time dedicated to middle school sports was inadequate.

“We found that there were so many sports at the Upper School and that there was not someone adequately covering the Middle School,” Barnum said. “[Bello] is dedicated specifically to Middle School sports to make sure they don’t go uncovered. He is the point-person for middle school sports, helping with the administration flow on a day-to-day basis.”

Bello was previously an administrative assistant who helped develop the athletics section on the school website. He was also an Offensive Line Coach for the varsity football team as well as the Middle School Football Coordinator.

For Bello, the position is a drastic change.

“This is the first time in 16 or 17 years that I haven’t coached a sport, but I’m looking forward to the challenge,” Bello said.

“[Bello] has been great,” Barnum said. “He did a very good job in past years with various jobs, and I think he is going to be great with this new challenge.”