Treading water with Morgan Hallock ’13 & Ben Hallock ’16

Siblings Morgan and Ben Hallock competed on the US U-19 teams in the Pan-American Youth Water Polo Championships this summer. Morgan and the Women’s Junior National team won gold while Ben and the Men’s Junior National team won silver.

By Michael Aronson

How did it feel to represent your country playing the sport you love?


“It felt amazing to be able to represent my country, not just for water polo. I was also able to represent my country on a worldwide scale, especially since the women’s water polo team had just won gold in the Olympics and I was able to watch that in Canada.”

What was your most memorable game in the tournament?


“My most memorable game was probably the Canada game. There was a huge crowd. It was awesome to beat them on their home turf.”

What was it like to go to an international tournament with your brother? Was this your first time?


“This was the second time. He was actually on last year’s team. It was actually different this year because we were both the youngest on our teams. We are really close and very supportive of each other, so it was really fun to go to his games and cheer for him. All the countries knew that we were siblings and they thought it was really cool.”

What are your personal goals for water polo?


“My goal is to train for the Olympics one day – my ‘big dream,’ as you might say – I’ve always wanted to also play in Europe after I get out of college.”

Who would win in a one-on-one competition between you two?


“Obviously me. In all seriousness, I am very excited for Ben and his high school career. I mean, he is 6-5, 200 lbs. He’s an animal. He’s so strong. But, being the older sister I would probably win one-on-one.”

Are you in any way following in your sister’s footsteps by playing water polo?


“Yeah, she kind of got me into water polo at the beginning. Ever since I was little, she was playing water polo at Harvard-Westlake and I watched her play in that pool. I always wanted to play at Harvard-Westlake and have the same success that she’s had.”