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Benjamin Most

The birth of a masterful ping-pong champion

Benjamin Most May 25, 2016

There comes a time in every man’s life when he reaches a crossroads. A time when he must decide who he is: if he is a peasant or a king, a novice or a master, a commoner or a champion. When I came to...

Illustration by Vivan Lin/Chronicle

Armed with Knowledge: Veterans Who Teach

Benjamin Most April 29, 2016

On his first day at the Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Va., math teacher Kent Nealis feared that he had made a grave mistake in his life choices. He had joined the Reserve Officers’ Training...

Benjamin Most

First-Degree Bern

Benjamin Most March 9, 2016

Legend has it that when the Grinch discovered the true meaning of Christmas, his heart grew three sizes larger. The first time I saw Bernie Sanders speak, my heart grew four. I was born into an America...

Science teacher Nadine Eisekolb places trout eggs in an aquarium as part of a program with the Environmental Club that hopes to end the recent decrease in the trout population. Credit: Sammi Handler/Chronicle

Club combats trout depopulation

Benjamin Most February 10, 2016

The Environmental Club acquired trout eggs through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Classroom Aquarium Education Program. The club will release the trout into California waterways after...

School revises parking environmental report

Benjamin Most February 10, 2016

The school compiled a revised Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) Feb. 4 for the proposed Upper School parking garage construction project after reviewing documents at the request of City Council...

Novelist to visit Middle School Monday

Benjamin Most January 24, 2016

Chinese-American graphic novelist and writer for DC Comics Gene Luen Yang will speak at the Middle School tomorrow. Yang will sign copies of his books and give workshops for student artists and creative...

Benjamin Most

Embracing the dark side when lights go out

Benjamin Most January 13, 2016

Last week, the lights in Chalmers went out. Math classrooms were thrown into chaos. Teachers struggled to restore order however they could. Without light, they were lost and confused. The school rushed...

Photo by Jonah Ullendorff/Chronicle.

Some students, faculty turn to atheism

Benjamin Most November 24, 2015

Math teacher Kevin Weis was 12 years old when he realized he didn’t believe in God. He had stopped attending Sunday school church lessons several years before, but now he was ready to fully commit to...

Creative Commons photo by Antonio Zugaldia.

Caught in the web of Reddit and 4chan

Benjamin Most October 10, 2015

At the beginning of every math class, Xavier* ’16 opens up his laptop to take notes – at least, until he becomes bored or does not feel the need to pay attention any longer. Then he opens up his web...

Benjamin Most

Pocket Man

Benjamin Most October 8, 2015

For the past few years, I have worn cargo shorts to school almost every day. Sometimes, during the winter months, I wear cargo pa­nts. I love my cargo shorts. They have enough pockets to hold my phone,...

Record number of girls enroll in robotics

Benjamin Most October 7, 2015

The upper school robotics course has nine girls and four boys this year, with three times as many girls enrolled as last year. Robotics has historically had more boys than girls, robotics teacher Antonio...

Middle School bans cell phone use before 9th

Benjamin Most September 1, 2015

Middle school cell phone and technology policies are being reexamined at the beginning of the second year of the One-to-One laptop initiative, which the Upper School begins this year. The laptop initiative...

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