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The dire need for impeachment

The dire need for impeachment

Emma Shapiro December 11, 2019

After years of testing his executive power through numerous corruption scandals, Trump is finally under investigation for engaging in an illegal quid-pro-quo with Ukraine. With the 2020 election fast...

Testing Trump and the term limit

Testing Trump and the term limit

Emma Shapiro May 30, 2019

The 22nd Amendment, calling for a two term presidency, has been in effect for over half a century, but under President Donald Trump, a debate about the term limit has been reintroduced. Trump has spoken...

Science classes observe marine life at aquarium

Emma Shapiro April 23, 2019

Students in the Oceanography and Marine Biology class took a recommended field trip to Long Beach near the Aquarium of the Pacific and examined a variety of aquatic species April 22. Students...

Debaters accept the first place prize at the Meadows Invitational in Las Vegas, where Chronicle Assistant Opinion Editor Jessa Glassman ’20 and Jaya Nayar ’20 closed out. Photo printed with permission of Jessa Glassman.

Debaters complete season with record number of bids, prepare for the TOC

Emma Shapiro March 21, 2019

Members of the varsity debate team received a record number of 58 bids for the Tournament of Champions which is a national debate competition hosted in Lexington, KY over April 27-29. Jaya Nayar ’20...

Write of Passage: Student playwrights announced

Emma Shapiro March 1, 2019

Performing arts teachers Ted Walch, Rees Pugh and Michele Spears announced this year’s plays for the Playwrights Festival. A committee comprised of both faculty and alumni selected 18 plays, which...

Democrats divided

Democrats divided

Emma Shapiro February 1, 2019

Though 2019 has just barely begun, the 2020 presidential race is well underway. Half a dozen Democrats have already declared their candidacy, and with the momentum from the 2018 Midterm elections,...

Debaters receive record number of bids to TOC

Emma Shapiro December 12, 2018

After the most recent tournaments, the debate team earned a total of 33 bids to the Tournament of Champions, an invitation only- national debate tournament. Five Lincoln-Douglas debaters competed in...

A&E Assistant Editor Sarah Reiff  ’20 uses a ridesharing app to reach the polls. Companies, like Lyft and Uber, partnered with nonprofit organizations to offer free rides for voters. Staged photo by Lindsay Wu and Luke Schneider/Chronicle

Uber and Lyft offer free rides for voters

Emma Shapiro November 15, 2018

Ridesharing companies announced a nonpartisan campaign for the midterm elections to offer free rides to the polls for voters. Uber and Lyft both hoped to increase the voter turnout on election day, according...

Prefects retreat to Palm Springs

Emma Shapiro August 31, 2018

Upper School prefects attended their annual retreat Aug. 19 in Palm Springs. Junior Prefect Jaya Nayar ’20 said the goal of the retreat was to plan for the upcoming school year by setting goals and...

Dear Diabetes: An Open Letter

Dear Diabetes: An Open Letter

Emma Shapiro August 28, 2018

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had Type 1 diabetes. With the intensity of school, academics and athletics, it can sometimes be more than I can manage. Diabetes is stressful, time consuming and difficult, but...

Tiari leaving to spend more time with family

Emma Shapiro June 1, 2018

After just two years as a history teacher at the school, Jennifer Tiari will depart to spend more time with family. "I think I will reevaluate my professional life for the future as to where I go from...

Students hunt for wolverines in contest

Emma Shapiro November 22, 2017

The upper school Instagram account has been posting a picture of a wolverine figurine somewhere on campus every Wednesday as a contest for students to guess the statue’s location. Students comment the...

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