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Dear journal: reflecting back

Nicole Kim June 1, 2018

I often feel aphasic. You’d think that, after six years of writing English essays, term papers and newspaper articles, expressing my ideas would get a little bit easier. But to be honest, every assignment—whether...

Street Styles: Documenting streetwear in Los Angeles

Street Styles: Documenting streetwear in Los Angeles

Nicole Kim February 27, 2018

One November afternoon, a few hundred people stood in line outside Undefeated, a sneaker and streetwear retailer on La Brea Avenue. August Roth ’19 wasn’t one of them: he walked out the doors of Undefeated,...

Photo Illustration by Kristin Kuwada and Kate Schrage

Farewell to Formalities

Nicole Kim October 16, 2017

When Marc Novicoff ’18 walked onto the quad after his eighth period class, he was immediately led to a chair in the middle of a crowd on the quad. Awaiting his arrival in the center of all the commotion...

Photo by Pavan Tauh
Origami by Adin Ring

Money Matters: Students of Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds

Nicole Kim June 5, 2017

Fiona*: Self Identifies as: Less than well-off Transportation: This year, Fiona takes the bus. She doesn’t think a new car is within her family’s budget. Financial Aid: Fiona’s family receives...

Photo Illustration by Nicole Kim and Josie Abugov

The Crown JUUL: Rising Popularity of the E-cigarette

Nicole Kim April 29, 2017

Vodka and tequila bottles rested on a basement table. Bongs, vaporizers and weed pens were scattered around the room. It was around 10 p.m. on a Saturday evening, and after a stressful academic week, Bradley*...

Illustration by Anna Gong

Positive Affirmation: Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Nicole Kim March 30, 2017

After her PSAT, Nicole Bahar ’18 marched directly to her dean’s office and burst through the door, not stopping to talk to friends or send a brief text to her parents letting them know she had finished....

Graphic by Nicole Kim

“A” is for Asian?: Impact of the “model minority” myth

Nicole Kim November 29, 2016

When Steven Zhao ’19 left his English class holding a graded essay, his friend took a quick look at the “B+” scrawled on a margin, cracked a smile and said, “you dishonor your family.” Zhao...

Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken leads a discussion about microaggressions Nov. 7. Credit: Nicole Kim/Chronicle.

Community continues to discuss microaggressions

Nicole Kim November 10, 2016

Following last week’s all-school assembly, in which advocacy clubs screened a video highlighting instances of racist, sexist and homophobic language on campus, faculty and students continued their discussion...

Hicks to serve as new executive assistant

Nicole Kim September 2, 2016

Juliana Hicks will serve as the executive assistant to the Head of Athletics for the upcoming school year after she officially assumed her position Jan. 3. She was previously the head coach for the JV...

Juniors win Miranda Rights essay competition

Nicole Kim May 27, 2016

Dani Mirell ’17 and Serena Davis ’17 won first and second place, respectively, at the district level in the 2016 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest sponsored by the Ninth Circuit Courts and Community Committee....

Ethics Bowl wins second place

Nicole Kim April 29, 2016

Competing against 330 teams, Harvard-Westlake students won second place in their first trip to the National High School Ethics Bowl at the University of North Carolina April 14-17. Cameron Cabo ’16,...

School selects 7 applicants for summer abroad fellowships

Nicole Kim April 28, 2016

Seven students will travel abroad this summer as recipients of HW Go! Student Summer Fellowships. The program supports projects designed by students to investigate the histories and traditions of foreign...

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