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Upper school deans release updated standardized testing plans

Tessa Augsberger October 17, 2020

In accordance with new guidelines released by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, the Upper School Deans Office released updated information regarding the school’s standardized testing plans...

Upper school deans announce that AP exams are optional

Hannah Han March 26, 2020

The upper school deans announced in a campus-wide email March 25 that the school will no longer require students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses to take AP exams at the end of the year due to the...

Photo Illustration by Alena Rubin.

Bonus Points: Are Expensive Tutors Worth It?

Alena Rubin October 6, 2016

Blake Wong ’17 sat across from his tutor, reciting his answers to the latest ACT practice test. The room, he said, felt like home, flooded with natural light and complete with warm wooden cabinets. "Yup,"...

Nathaly Blanco

Lucas Gelfond September 2, 2016

Nathaly Blanco will return as the school’s SAT and ACT coordinator after working for two years as an upper school receptionist. As the SAT and ACT coordinator, Blanco will schedule proctors, assign students...

College matriculation binders deprive students of privacy

College matriculation binders deprive students of privacy

Sammi Handler January 13, 2016

In the competitive nature of the school, we make decisions every day about how much we want our peers to know about our academic records, but that gets taken away from us once we graduate. In each of...

College Board to redesign SAT, deans not expecting changes in prep

Jake Saferstein March 19, 2014

The College Board announced plans to redesign the SAT by spring of 2016. The new format will return to a 1,600 point scale, 800 for math and 800 for "Evidence-Based Reading." The essay will become optional...

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