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Seeking beauty in anything

Brittany Hong November 21, 2017

“What is beauty to you?” Here is the irony. Two judges at the 1st round of a beauty pageant asked me this question. Yet, I had no idea what to say. As I sat there with a blank mind, I engaged...

Softball coach steps up

Ryan Kim August 31, 2017

New Head Coach Brittany Moeai looks to lead the softball team with her playing experience and fresh perspective on the game . Moeai attended Carson High School where she played Varsity Softball. As a...

Anna Gong/Chronicle

Phoneless Life

Brittany Hong March 7, 2017

It was on a Tuesday winter afternoon. I was meeting with my teacher right before the buses left and that was when my day began to morph into a disaster. 3:12 p.m. — I walked out of the office. 3:13...

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Made in Korea: Reflecting on Multiculturalism

Brittany Hong December 28, 2016

Winter break is a time for rest and travel. As I am enjoying my staycation, I will write about my favorite place to travel to while pondering about the culture that comes with it: I was born in Los Angeles....

Overcoming the Pressure

Overcoming the Pressure

Brittany Hong August 30, 2016

What do you want to be when you grow up? This was a question that haunted me every night in my sleep. I didn’t know. When I was six, my mom showed me a documentary on cardiac surgeons. It was fascinating....

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