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Editors-in-Chief Tessa Augsberger and Milla Ben-Ezra stand next to each other during the first Chronicle layout.

Letter from the Editors: Encouraging a new mindset

Tessa Augsberger and Milla Ben-Ezra May 27, 2022

As teenagers living in the world today, we are inundated with pressure to improve ourselves. With social media hounding us about the importance of self-care and our high schools consistently emphasizing...

Illustrated by Sydney Fener

Guest Editorial: School sustainability

Ryan Ellingson, Science Teacher March 30, 2022

Last September, members of the school community were asked to fill out a Visions Survey, reflecting on what we might continue, change and create as our leaders reimagine our school’s Visions. I was eager...

 20% of existing bitcoin (worth about $140 billion) has been lost simply because owners forgot their passwords, according to the New York Times.

Bitcoin and Bubbles, Claire-ified

Claire Conner November 17, 2021

In the middle of the Dutch Golden Age, a single tulip bulb was worth as much as a mansion in the center of Amsterdam. The Netherlands' flourishing merchant class obsessed over exotic varieties of the plant,...

Saving ourselves

Tessa Augsberger March 25, 2021

Every morning before I went to school, I announced the daily weather forecast and the number of days until it would rain to my siblings. Of course, I started this tradition in elementary school in the...

Printed with permission of Annabel Zimmer

No Planet B

Milla Ben-Ezra December 9, 2020

Wildfires blazed across California, torching over 2.1 million acres of land in 2020 alone. The year's hurricane season consisted of 30 named hurricanes, greater than any year in history. Global sea levels...

2020: Just a number

Claire Conner October 25, 2020

My last conversation in 2019 was with my friends. We spammed our group chat with cheers about the end of the year and lamented the difficulties of ninth grade, deciding that no matter what would happen...

Shutting down for the environment

Tessa Augsberger May 21, 2020

Although the global shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in humans’ daily lives, it has also affected our environment in various ways. Just two months ago, Angelenos lined up...

Photo illustration by Siobhan Harms

Former Vermont Gov. addresses climate change

Tessa Augsberger January 31, 2020

Former Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin spoke to students about environmental leadership and climate change during second and third period Jan. 21. Shumlin calls on administration to improve environmental...

Staying Sustainable

Staying Sustainable

Marina Nascimento and Mia Feizbaksh December 11, 2019

Thrift stores allow for a more sustainable lifestyle As she browsed the clothing racks of the Salvation Army store, Cameron Herring ’21 searched for a piece that was both unique and trendy. The thrift...

Accountability for our planet

Accountability for our planet

Sydney Fener November 15, 2019

Everyone is missing Greta Thunberg’s message, especially world leaders. Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist, has become a major player on the world stage. She addressed the...

Illustration by Sydney Fener

The metal straw in an era of uncertainty

Maya Doyle October 3, 2019

My sister recently coerced our mother into buying rainbow, stainless steel straws for our family (0.5” wide and angled for better boba consumption). The straw came in a slick wood case with its own...

Climate Strikes: I will not stop here

Anja Clark April 24, 2019

I was not involved with planning the Los Angeles Youth Climate Strike, but I walked at the front of the hundreds-strong group, leading the occasional chant, and staring down photographers’ lenses. The...

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