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Chinese teacher Bin He, Spanish teacher Sephora Escarpeta-Garcia and French teacher Karine Bruno share a poem with the audience, switching off every stanza. The teachers recited the poem in the language that they teach. 

Credit: Quincey Dern/Chronicle

Students showcase their talents in February Coffeehouse

Quincey Dern February 10, 2020

Students and teachers showcased their talents at the Valentine’s Day themed Coffeehouse in Chalmers East after school Monday. Language teachers share a poem Prefect Council hosted the event, where a...

Lauren Juzang ’20 and Lucca Dohr ’20 perform

November Coffeehouse held after October Coffeehouse was canceled due to fires

Quincey Dern November 19, 2019

Students showcased their talents in the first Coffeehouse of the year in Chalmers East after school Monday. Performers share their musical talent This Coffeehouse offered a variety of musical performances...

Members of The Jack Riley Experience perform at the Valentine's Day-themed Coffeehouse. Credit: Frank Jiang

Students perform at Valentine’s themed Coffeehouse

Frank Jiang February 11, 2019

Students performed at the Valentine’s Day-themed Coffeehouse in Chalmers East on Feb. 11. Many musical performers, including The Jack Riley Experience, Daniel Novikov ’21, Imani Allen ’19 and...

Mila Fejzo '19 sings

Students perform in first Coffeehouse of the year

Alice He October 30, 2018

Upper school students showcased their literary and musical talents at the Halloween-themed Coffeehouse on Oct. 29. To start the event, the Jack Riley Experience, which recently released their debut album...

And All that Jazz: Prefect Council hosts jazz-themed Coffeehouse

Valerie Velazquez March 21, 2018

In light of the Upper School Jazz band’s upcoming trip to Japan, jazz and instrumental acts were featured during the third Coffeehouse of the year on March 20. Other students showcased their talents...

Roshan Nayar '19, Ryan Wixen '19 and Jordan Yadegar '19 perform at the year's first Coffeehouse. Photo credit: Astor Wu/Chronicle

Students perform at first Coffeehouse of year

Astor Wu November 14, 2017

Students shared their talents with the community at the first Coffeehouse of the year Nov. 13 in Chalmers Lounge. Students performed short skits that included singing, stand-up comedy and instrumental...

The last song: prefects host last coffeehouse

Aaron Lyons April 29, 2017

Prefect Council hosted the fourth and final Coffeehouse of the year on Monday in the Chalmers lounge after school. Acts included Elizabeth Gaba ’17 singing “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and Ori Zur and...

Angel Hoyang '18 and Savannah Weinstock '18 perform

Prefect Council holds first Coffeehouse of the year

Anthony Weinraub November 28, 2016

Students performed in the first Coffeehouse of the year after school Nov. 28 in the Chalmers Lounge. Prefect Council organized the event and provided refreshments and snacks for attendees. "It's been...

First Coffeehouse to be held later this month

Angela Tan November 2, 2016

Students will perform in the first Coffeehouse of the year after school Nov. 28 in the Chalmers Lounge. The event typically includes 15 to 20 acts with one to four performers per act. Performances can...

Coffee House – November 2012

Jack Goldfisher November 13, 2012

Coffeehouse allows students to exhibit talents

David Lim November 7, 2012

The first Coffee House of the year will be held afterschool in the student lounge on Monday, Nov. 12. Students who have talents they would like to showcase are encouraged to sign up by talking to Prefects...

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