The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

60 skip school for Coachella

April 27, 2011

By Ingrid Chang Beginning Thursday, April 14 students started packing into cars loaded with sunscreen and water bottles and heading off to Indio. Attendance numbers dropped as students left Friday morning...

Smoothies start Friday

November 3, 2010

By Saj Sri-Kumar A smoothie bar was opened in the Quad on Friday to a long line of students, but received mixed reviews. The smoothie bar, named the “H-Dub Smoothie Hub,” sells three...

Rules of the road

May 25, 2010

by Hana Al-Henaid Since my first journey to 3700 Coldwater Canyon more than three years ago, I’ve always known I was a bit different. Joining the school as a sophomore only compounded to my feeling...

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