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Don’t parade your grades

Don’t parade your grades

Spencer Klink February 2, 2019

Students should remain civil rather than cutthroat following the release of semester grades. Harvard-Westlake is a community that thrives thanks to its academically rigorous environment. After all, our...

Record number of seniors reach 4.3 GPA bracket

Casey Kim October 4, 2018

Seventy seniors received a GPA of 4.25 or above, the highest number of students to qualify for this grade bracket in the past decade. The number of students in this group of the graduating class of 2019...

Photo Illustration by Nicole Kim

Sculpted by Students: Students discuss the way they shape their own grades

Sofia Heller March 21, 2018

Glenn* ’19 felt a wave of relief as he made his way through the quad. He had just passed his teacher, who confirmed that his quarter grade had been successfully changed. Despite original assurance from...

To get Bs or not to get Bs

To get Bs or not to get Bs

Kamala Durairaj January 11, 2017

We have all heard about what it means to be a second semester senior — cutting class, skipping homework and maybe even failing a test or two. In other words, checking out. Many people think of “senioritis”...

Anna Gong/Chronicle

Checking into reality

Chronicle Staff January 11, 2017

As first semester comes to a close, seniors are all looking forward to the freedom that comes with second semester. Although many people see second semester as a time to check out and ignore responsibilities,...

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Giving a grade to grade transparency

Hannah Cho May 31, 2016

Rachel Lee ’17 impatiently waited as the clock counted down the minutes until 6 p.m. on March 22. Three minutes later, she logged onto the Harvard-Westlake student portal and accessed her long-awaited...

Ellis Becker

Handling errors shows character

Ellis Becker November 24, 2015

Five. That’s the number of emotional breakdowns I’ve had so far two months into the school year. Although only three of them have been about academic stress, that’s already too many. Whenever I...

Jon Nelson 16 (left) plays varsity soccer and last year took all honors classes. Credit: Henry Vogel/Big Red

Work before play: how do athletes find balance?

Dario Madyoon October 22, 2015

There’s a common saying that in high school: students have to choose between good grades, good social life or good sleep. For many students athletes at Harvard-Westlake, they have to shoulder the burden...

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