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Credit: Ryan Albert/Chronicle

Wolverines Only: Charlie Mendes

Charlie Mendes March 1, 2019

I started playing soccer when I was five. My parents never forced me to play, but, as a Brazilian, soccer was ingrained in my life from the second I was born. One of my earliest memories was setting up...

Credit: Keila McCabe/Chronicle

Wolverines Only: Mason Hooks

Mason Hooks January 30, 2019

It’s May 13, 2004, game five of the Western Conference Semifinals. Lakers at Spurs. Derrick Fisher has just stunned the entire San Antonio crowd with a buzzer-beater that gave the Lakers an improbable...

Credit: Ryan Albert/Chronicle

Wolverines Only: Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown December 12, 2018

My first experience with Harvard-Westlake field hockey was in third grade. Young and scared, my three best friends and I had recently started playing and were looking to perfect our skills during the...

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