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Dear Saba: On the move

Saba Nia May 3, 2019

Dear Moving Day Saba, Today, I got stuck in traffic. It’s not a remarkable occurrence; this happens every day. No matter what roads I take or my destination – whether I’m sleepily cruising...

Dear Saba: My First Vote

Dear Saba: My First Vote

Saba Nia November 15, 2018

Dear “Naïve” Saba, Today, I voted for the first time. In the rush of finishing (well, let’s be honest, beginning and finishing) my early college applications in the days leading up to end of October,...

Dear Saba: First Day

Dear Saba: First Day

Saba Nia August 28, 2018

Dear Kindergarten Saba, Today is my last first day of high school. My brother and his friend are sitting in the backseat of my impossibly small car, laughing about the videos they’re watching on their...

Recognizing our heroic struggles

Saba Nia May 30, 2018

“Avengers: Infinity War” Spoiler: Superheroes are real people too. The end of my junior year was dominated by two things: cramming inefficiently for APs and subject tests and eagerly anticipating...

Sorry, not sorry

Saba Nia February 22, 2018

Being the diligent reporter that I was, my ninth-grade self was running late to my interview. Trotting down the steps that led to the Marshall Pool, chastising myself for losing track of time yet again,...

Brittany Hong/Chronicle

Slow and steady wins the race

Saba Nia September 7, 2017

I guess you could say that it started with a song. Like every summer hit it made its way onto the airwaves in late May and had taken the radios by storm within a few weeks. Naturally, by the time summer...

Anna Gong/Chronicle

Calling a ban on indifference

Saba Nia February 23, 2017

When my parents moved to the United States after graduating from high school forever ago, they never expected to not be able to visit their first home. My mom made the conscious decision to move here...

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