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Stewart returns to Science Department

Melody Tang August 29, 2020

Chelsea Stewart returned to the Upper School Science Department as a chemistry teacher following a two-year absence. After departing the school in 2018, Stewart spent two years teaching chemistry to high...

Photography students view camera obscura projection in Rugby Tower. Courtesy of Jesse Chehak

Departments collaborate to make camera obscura

Crystal Baik September 13, 2019

The Visual Arts and Science departments collaborated to create a camera obscura in Rugby Tower, which was available to the community from Sept. 12-13. One of the main goals of the project was to enable...

Melody Lee joins biology department

Sandra Koretz August 28, 2019

Melody Lee is joining the upper school science department this year and will be teaching Advanced Placement Biology and Genetics and Biotechnology. Lee said she is looking forward to working with students...

Vo joins science department

Jeanine Kim September 13, 2018

After running his own Los Angeles-based tutoring company for the last several years, Richard Vo joined the upper school science department as a chemistry teacher. Vo attended the University of Massachusetts,...

Color blind students see red, green for the first time

Kaitlin Musante November 16, 2017

Color blind students on campus are able to enhance their color vision following the science department’s purchase of Enchroma glasses Friday. The glasses are designed to alleviate red-green color blindness...

Science department changes chemistry course

Noa Schwartz August 31, 2016

Chemistry students will learn from an entirely redesigned curriculum, which includes less content and more homework and labs, beginning this year. Chemistry team leader Narae Park, Head of the Science...

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