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In defense of the trigger warning

Sarah Lee March 21, 2018

Please note: this column contains brief mentions of sexual abuse/assault, abuse and gun violence. Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? In recent years, the concept of the trigger warning has made waves...

Photo illustration by Sofia Heller and Nicole Kim

Culture Shock: Discussing rape culture on college campuses

Sofia Heller January 10, 2018

Staring into her bathroom mirror, Tiana Coles ‘16 carefully applied mascara while humming the tune of “Supermodel” by SZA. Getting ready to go to a fraternity party, she left her dorm and began her...

Students attend film screening

Tiffany Kim May 31, 2016

Students attended a screening of “The Hunting Ground” Monday at 3:30 p.m. in Ahmanson Lecture Hall. The screening was requested by a student. The movie is a documentary about the issue of sexual...

School screens documentary about sexual assault

Indu Pandey May 30, 2016

The school hosted a screening of “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about incidences of sexual assault on college campuses in the United States, in Ahmanson Lecture Hall Thursday. The documentary...

Violence, assault are men’s issues, activist tells assembly

Jesse Nadel April 20, 2015

Anti-sexist activist Jackson Katz encouraged students at an upper school assembly Monday to shift the rhetoric of gender violence from a women’s issue to a male issue. “Historically, people have seen...

Photo illustration by Jacob Goodman

After Assault

Marcella Park March 25, 2015

For months, she didn’t know anyone else who had gone through what she had. Samantha* was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance at a friend’s house after a party last April, she said. “No,” she...

Panel informs students about sexual assault

Zoe Dutton April 21, 2014

A panel of experts spoke on issues surrounding rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse during break Monday, April 21 in Ahmanson. The panel was organized by Trishta Dordi '15 as part of a series of events...

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