The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

A case for more classroom collaboration

Sophie Haber February 2, 2019

Every day I sit down at my desk in classes full of leaders and intellectuals, each having accomplished notable academic achievements. By the time we reach senior year, we’ve become masters of memorization,...

Graphic by Jean Sanders.

Effects of Adderall on academics

Sharon Chow February 11, 2016

Facing the pressure of schoolwork and outside obligations, Mary* ’17 turns to medication such at Ritalin, Vyvanse and Adderall to keep her focused and awake. She started taking them regularly this year...

Illustration by Alena Rubin/Chronicle

Will listening to Mozart while studying get me a 4.0?

Teresa Suh January 23, 2016

Every day Max Robertson ’17 goes home and turns on some smooth jazz as he pulls out his homework assigned that day. After a stressful day Robertson looks forward to listening to music that calms him...

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