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Alumna speaks to history, journalism classes about political crises

Spencer Klink March 21, 2019

Juliette Kayyem, Belfer Lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School and Former Assistant Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, spoke to history and journalism classes about the nature of contemporary...

Photo Illustration by Eshanika Chaudhary '17

When Tourism Meets Terrorism: The Effect of Terrorist Attacks in Europe on Students and Faculty

Sophie Cohen September 6, 2016

When Rachel Madhogarhia ’17 scrolled through her Facebook feed filled with the typical stream of status updates and album posts on July 14, her Facebook check seemed routine. But then, at all once, multiple...

Esther Ollivier '18 recalls how the tragic events in Paris have affected her friends and family. 
Credit: Lara Mikhail/Chronicle

Esther Ollivier ’18 shares how terrorism in Paris affected her family

Lara Mikhail February 3, 2016

The phone rang incessantly as Esther Ollivier ’18 and her mother drove home. Her father was calling from Paris. After they picked up, her father delivered horrific news. The phone cut off. Scared...

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