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Credit: Caroline Jacoby

‘Patriot Games’

Editorial Board December 11, 2020

As the dust (mostly) settles after a tumultuous and divisive election season, the conversations about political division and national unity that began before have persisted. In the months leading up to...

Credit: Caroline Jacoby/Chronicle

Writing in defense of our democracy

Julian Andreone December 10, 2020

Our history textbooks characterize the United States government as the prime example of democracy, but if students examine its current state, they will find that Trumpian era politics embody the opposite. With...

World War Meme

World War Meme

Siobhan Harms January 29, 2020

Teenagers and young adults are creating memes to deal with the stress of global conflicts. Mitchell Schwartz (Zack ’20, Michael ’22), former Communications Director at the State Department, grew distressed...

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