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Spring Break-Down: Farmer’s Markets

Instead of sleeping in until 11 a.m. on Sundays, which is tempting, I rush to get dressed and walk to my local farmers market before they run out of cinnamon raisin brioche.

Farmer’s markets were a staple of my childhood, but this past year they have once again become a part of my Sunday routine. Sometimes I bring friends or family with me, but I especially love going on my own. As I walk between rows of familiar vendors, the mellow and relaxed energy of the market gives me a moment of peace in my otherwise busy weekend.

In the spring, farmer’s markets are more exciting than ever. A particular highlight at the Beverly Hills farmers market is Harry’s Berries and their strawberry products. From their fruit to their jams and juices, Harry’s Berries’ products are fresher and more flavorful than the options in a supermarket.

But something to keep in mind is that not all farmer’s markets are the same; most cities within Los Angeles County have farmer’s markets, but each has different vendors and products. They also vary in size and popularity, so it is important to find the best farmers market near you if you want to have the optimal spring farmers market experience. The best farmer’s markets have a wide mix of vendors, allowing patrons to discover a new product with each visit. As you build relationships with these vendors and try their products, the farmer’s market begins to feel more like a community. Some notable farmer’s markets are located in Studio City, Beverly Hills and Brentwood. They differentiate themselves from the average farmers market with their quality and quantity of product. Also, since they are more popular, they tend to attract a larger and more regular following.

Although many farmer’s markets take place on Sundays, others take place throughout the week, so research when your local farmer market is open, and make sure to stop by for the perfect spring activity.

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