KHWS goes on hiatus after provider shuts off

Sammi Handler

Student-run radio station KHWS has gone on a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time as student leaders seek an alternate radio streaming service after the station’s broadcast program went off the air Jan. 31.

Students have used the internet streaming service provider Live365 as KHWS’s platform since the station first went live in 2012, but the service shut down when it could no longer afford the Copyright Royalty Board’s higher royalty rates.

“I would say a lot of the seniors are definitely bummed, since this is sort of a cornerstone program of Harvard-Westlake, and this is their last year to participate in high school radio,” KHWS student leader Simone Woronoff ’16 said. “That being said, everyone has taken it really well and has been completely understanding. Stuff like this happens, and I think everyone understands that we’re doing our best trying to resolve the problem.”

Woronoff and the other student leaders, Jeremy Samuels ’16 and Daniela Grande ’16, have been looking into possible solutions, including fundraising to start using a new program so that they can end the hiatus, she said.

“I think it’s definitely possible [for KHWS to return this year], but mostly we’re focused on sustainability,” Woronoff said. “There are a few temporary solutions that we’ve looked at, but what we’re really focused on is finding a long-term solution so something like this doesn’t happen again.”