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A Friendship for the Ages

A Friendship for the Ages

Alden Detmer, Assistant Features Editor November 15, 2023

On a warm afternoon in 1977, anticipatory whispers filled the air as a mob of eager seventh graders gathered for their first football team meeting. Scanning the room, Monty Minchin ’83 locked eyes with...

Illustration by Ashley Ham

Save Our Spirit

Alex Dinh and Nathan Wang November 15, 2023

It is Community Time on a Friday afternoon, and the entire Upper School student body floods through the entrance of Taper Gymnasium. While students would typically use this period to do homework, get food...

Students line up outside their school after a shooting has just occurred.

Generation Under Fire

Georgia Grad and Eden Conner November 15, 2023

Everyone is in Taper Gymnasium. It’s an all-school assembly, and students are packed on the bleachers: sophomores and juniors on one side of the gym, and seniors on the other. Head of Upper School Beth...

Two teachers are married with a wolverine, the schools mascot, officiating.

From School Bells to Wedding Bells

Zoe Goor and Saisha Kumar November 15, 2023

In 1998, after an extensive interview process, Jon Wimbish, now the Head of the Middle School, was hired as a teacher in the middle school English Department. During the process, he said he met every member...

Illustration by Sabrina Simek

Reclaiming Narratives

Zoe Goor and MeJo Liao November 15, 2023

I’ll say, say, say, I’ll say, say, say, What is the United States if not a clot of clouds? If not spilled milk? Or blood? If not the place we once were in the millions? America is Maps— Maps...

Student holds up a test that they cheated on. Illustrations by Eva Park.

A Test of Character

Hannah Shahidi, Assistant News Editor November 14, 2023

Content Warning: this article contains the usage of homophobic slurs. On a cold afternoon in February 2008, Matthew Krumpe ’08, a senior at the time, had just finished dance class in lower Chalmers....

A student pushes a recycling bin onto campus.

Policy Against Pollution

Saisha Kumar and William Liu September 22, 2023

As Senior Prefect Elizabeth Johnstone ’24 walked into a meeting with members of the administration, she was determined to voice her concerns about the school’s sustainability. However, Johnstone said...

Harvard School cadets pose with rifles during the 1923-1924 school year.

War Games: New Marching Orders

Zoe Goor September 21, 2023

On a sun-drenched morning at the end of the 1960s, as war raged across the Pacific and Beatlemania spread stateside, the Studio City fire department received an unusual call. There had been a brush fire...

A senior, about to graduate, and his younger girlfriend share a milkshake.

Mind the Gap

Georgia Grad, Assistant Features Editor September 21, 2023

Maddy Pimstone ’25 had looked forward to her plans all week. Pimstone was seeing a guy in the grade above despite their hour and a half commute. Without a driver’s license, Pimstone had to ask her...

Buddy the Wolverine sits atop a vault filled with cash.

Venturing to Ventura

Alex Dinh and Zoe Goor September 21, 2023

Machines whir, blending up pumpkin spice Frappuccinos, and bags crinkle, filled with vanilla bean scones at the Starbucks on Ventura Boulevard. Of the 19 total customers that have made purchases in the...

Behind the Badge

Behind the Badge

Alden Detmer and Alex Dinh September 21, 2023

It is 1:30 a.m. in Palmdale, CA. Head of Upper School Security Earl Saunders’ day just began. Before Saunders hops on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle an hour later, he checks in with his wife about their...

Illustration by Eva Park

Stitching Identities

MeJo Liao, Assistant Features Editor September 21, 2023

As Loklin Gertschen-Klaseus '25 relaxed under the anesthesia, he turned to inspect the IV line in his right arm and gazed at the lights flickering above him, his heart fluttering with anticipation and...

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