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Packing in hyperpartisan politics

James Hess March 30, 2021

In his 2017 opening statement to Congress, Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, a staunch Conservative appointed by former President Donald Trump, outlined the role of the Supreme Court. “If Judges were...

Credit: Caroline Jacoby/Chronicle

Defining ‘good personhood’

Sophia Musante March 29, 2021

Years ago, a stranger on the street caught my eye. She looked frazzled, carefully balancing a pile of boxes, prominent purple bags looming under her eyes. As I approached, a string of curses and sighs...

Saving ourselves

Tessa Augsberger March 25, 2021

Every morning before I went to school, I announced the daily weather forecast and the number of days until it would rain to my siblings. Of course, I started this tradition in elementary school in the...

A teenage girl scrolls through her social media feed and finds herself comparing herself to an influencer in her reflection.

The costs of comparison culture

Ava Fattahi March 25, 2021

In a world where self-worth is derived from likes and comments on Instagram posts and replies to Snapchat stories, teenage girls are extremely likely to fall prey to impossibly high standards...

When students aren’t back in in-person classes, parents have to make a choice between working or quitting their jobs to stay home.

Calling on Californians

Jack Coleman, Guest Editorialist March 25, 2021

Gov. Gavin Newsom has failed Californians. It's time to say goodbye. On March 11 last year, we left school for what most believed would be a two-week experiment with online learning. As two weeks turned...

The Dangers of Anonymity

The Dangers of Anonymity

Editorial Board March 24, 2021

In October of 2020, The Chronicle published an article about the Instagram account @wokeathw, a platform dedicated to “documenting the self-destruction of an elite private school.” The article was...

Hannah Han '21 takes a selfie outside Weiler Hall on March 20.

One Year Later: Back to School

Hannah Han March 20, 2021

March 11, 2020. Weiler Hall 106. Whispered rumors rushed through the Chalmers classrooms, wound through the lounge and tripped down the narrow flight of stairs to Weiler Hall. The thrum of voices built...

Guest Editorial: A letter to journalist Bari Weiss

Thomas Schramm March 17, 2021

The following letter was written by a student to journalist Bari Weiss in response to her article “The Miseducation of America’s Elites,” which was published March 9 in City Journal magazine. To...

From left, Prentiss Corbin '22, Jade Stanford '22, Tom Baker '22 and Kate Hassett '22 gather outside the English building.

Back To School Perspectives

Kate Burry March 17, 2021

Waking up to torrential rain pounding at my window and snoozing 30 minutes past my alarm, the finale of my 364-day hiatus from in-person school was off to an inauspicious start. However, as soon as I made...

Natalie Cosgrove '23 poses for a selfie by Ted Slavin Field.

Back To School Perspectives

Natalie Cosgrove March 16, 2021

I reluctantly reach my arm to my nightstand and smack my phone to turn off my 6:50 a.m. alarm, a little different from my usual 8:29 a.m. one, but it will do. I quickly hurry to get up and get dressed,...

Quincey Dern '22 poses for a photo outside Chalmers on her first day back on campus.

Back to School Perspectives

Quincey Dern March 15, 2021

For the first time of my entire 2020-2021 school year thus far, I wore jeans to class. While that may seem insignificant to my overall return-to-school perspective, I spent over an hour and a half planning...

Caroline Jacoby '22, takes a selfie in the classroom she was assigned to on her first day back on campus.

Back to School Perspectives

Caroline Jacoby March 14, 2021

Anyone who knows me would agree that I am definitely not a morning person, but I was eager to get out of bed early and get dressed for my first day back at school. Wearing jeans and a sweater was a welcomed...

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