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Guest Editorial: School sustainability

Ryan Ellingson, Science Teacher March 30, 2022

Last September, members of the school community were asked to fill out a Visions Survey, reflecting on what we might continue, change and create as our leaders reimagine our school’s Visions. I was eager...

Cucumbers sit inside of a jar, which is one step of the fermentation process. Cucumbers are one of many items that the Pickling Club ferments,

A thanks to the school Pickling Club

James Hess, Assistant Opinion Editor March 29, 2022

If you ever make a habit of wandering through the highest parts of the upper school campus, first around the library and then up the stairs to Feldman-Horn, you may encounter a peculiar sight. Peer into...

The Official Chronicle Curriculum Guide

Georgia Goldberg, Assistant A&E Editor March 26, 2022

Science AP Chemistry: So hard that you get free merch... Just kidding, they stopped doing that. It's just hard now. Honors Chemistry: You don’t actually like Chem, you just like Dr. Cardin. Chemistry:...

Illustration by Caroline Jacoby

My Russian identity in a time of crisis

Sandra Koretz, News Editor March 25, 2022

Russian melodies and whispers escaped through the open doors as the smell of my grandma's authentic Russian cooking seeped out of the house. Rich bowls of borscht and blinchiki welcomed me as I walked...

James Hess/Chronicle

Reframing Ukrainian News

Editorial Board March 24, 2022

Six thousand miles away, we watched the first few days of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on our TV screens. We saw powerful images of and read worri- some articles about...

Earmarking and Greene, Claire-ified

Claire Conner, Assistant Opinion Editor March 24, 2022

President Joe Biden signed a $1.5 trillion spending bill March 15, enacting legislation that is historic on multiple fronts: It provides the largest increase in funding for high-poverty schools in a decade,...

Prioritizing course consistency

Daphne Davies, Assistant Opinion Editor March 1, 2022

When course selections become available each March, eager sophomores and juniors enroll in classes that offer them a chance to broaden their horizons and explore subjects they are passionate about. As...

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Standardized Dissatisfaction

James Hess, Assistant Opinion Editor February 19, 2022

In the course of its nearly century-long history as the foremost standardized test for American high schoolers, the SAT has undergone major changes: in 1936, administrators split the exam into two...

The incorporation of creative activities helps diversify the learning experiences of students.

Cultivating Creativity

Fallon Dern, Assistant Features Editor February 18, 2022

My father’s father always told him the biggest room is the room for improvement. I’d argue it’s the Forum, or maybe the Taper Gym, but I understand what my grandpa was getting at. The school, for...

Streamlining the River Park project

Streamlining the River Park project

Editorial Board February 17, 2022

Despite the inundation of River Park banners on campus and related posts on the school’s social media accounts, much of the school community is disconnected from the project. Many students who see these...

We must make it clear that while the U.S. is unwilling to acquiesce to Russia’s threat-backed demands and thereby legitimize violent, coercive tactics, Americans will consider reevaluating the status quo to avoid war.

Ukrainian conflict, Claire-ified

Claire Conner, Assistant Opinion Editor February 16, 2022

As over 130,000 Russian troops flanked the Ukrainian border last week, President Joe Biden issued a dire warning to American citizens living in the Eastern European country: leave, immediately. The...

Lying on her bed and surrounded by gifts from Valentine suitors, the Mittle-Man advises a student on their love life in a phone call.

The Mittle-man on Campus: Playing Cupid

Sarah Mittleman, Opinion Editor February 14, 2022

‘The Mittle-man on Campus’ is a satirical column centered around high school clichés and the teenage experience. None of the articles in this column are representative of the opinions of The Chronicle...

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